Welcome party for new students on April 8, 2009(at Shikinjyo)

Birthday party for Professor Watanabe in June 2009(at Kusitaro)

Laboratory trip, August 27-28, 2009
(at Shiraito Falls in Fuji rest stop)

Softball on July 3, 2009(at the field in NIT)

Fellowship with Tokyo Institute of Technology on August 27, 2009
(at the field in TIT)

Interim defense well done party on September 25, 2009(at Torinosuke)

Softball event on September 27, 2009(at the field in NIT)

Farewell party for Mr.Azuma on January 20,2010

Graduation work well done party on February 23, 2010

Farewell party for graduating students on March 23,2010

Presentation ceremony for Nagai award on March 26,2010