Sarath Babu

Investigation of failure mechanism of Al3Ti in Al3Ti multi-phase material severe plastic deformed


From India





From India




Vinodh Babu

Investigation of high strength Fe-Ni material by centrifugal casting method


From India


Tomoaki Kayano

Development of Cu/Graphite commosites by centrifugal mixed powder method


From Hyogo


Takayasu Sugiura

High-precision machining of CFRP by metal bond grinding wheel tilt function


From Shizuoka


Ryo Tuzuki

Investigation of the mechanism of the formation of the nano-structure layer generated by the friction and wear


From Aichi


Ryo Nakanishi

Investigation of weld structure formation mechanism by friction stir processing


From Aichi


Nagomi Tuboi

Development of surface function control technology of iron and steel materials using shot peening


From Aichi


Kazuaki Hirata

Formation of L1_2 Modified Al2.5Cu0.5Ti phase by heat treatment of Spark Plasma Sintered Cu/Al3Ti speciments


From Mie


Ryosuke Yamazaki

Development of grain refiner for Al cast


From Aichi


Kazunori Maekawa

Development of innovative crystal refiner


From Aichi




Koichi Okamoto

Characterization of nano-crystal layer formed by frictional wear


From Aichi


Masafumi Sato

Study of the histogenetic restraint technology with the 3D printer for the metal


From Aichi


Daichi Shimobayashi

Development of SUS304/plaster composite


From Aichi


Kohei Takayama

Investigation of the hard particles fracture behavior and strength changes associated with the huge strain processing into multi-phase material From Aichi


Syusuke Taniai

Investigation of new grain refiner


From Aichi


Fumiya Nakamura

Performance of Al casting refiner


From Aichi


Dong Yongzhi


From China




Sho Tsuchihama

Elucidation of the joint mechanism in the rolling clad material


From Aichi


Katsumasa Senbokuya

Development of functional material using shot peening


From Aichi


Tsukushi Ki

Centrifugal casting of pure aluminum using 3D printed mold


From Oita


Hiroyuki Sugano

Development of metal powder for 3D printer


From Aichi


Ryota Nakamatsu

Develdopment of the self-lubrication compositematerial


From Osaka


Ryo kagimoto

High strengthening of automotive casting


From Aichi


Keigo Akai

Microstructural analysis of Butterfly-type Martensite


From Shiga


Yu Suzuki

Aesthetic improvement of Ti alloy for dental apprications




Takuya Kurata

Miniaturization ofTP-1 testing




From Mie



Jiang Wei


From China